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Our list of collaborators is always growing. Now, the time has come for Viktor & Rolf to take part in our story.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren–creators of one of the most innovative brands in today's fashion scene–were born in the Netherlands in 1969. They first met at the Arnhem College of Art and Fashion.

Soon after graduating, they headed to Paris where they presented their first collection, featured at the Hyères Young Fashion and Photography Talent Festival (Salon Européen des Jeunes Stylistes) in 1993.

With their abundance of talent, success was inevitable. Their brand made big waves upon its debut, taking on worldwide proportions.

Viktor & Rolf fuses avant-garde fashion references with distorted proportions, sculptural forms and surrealism. The fashion house brings artistic and dreamy elements to the catwalk, with striking and exaggerated shapes.

The innovative duo make their own rules and create their own reality, guaranteeing unique results.

It's no wonder their brand is recognized as a leader among fashion lovers and pop icons alike.

Come to know more about the artists.

Photo Credit: Philippe Vogelenzang 

How does Viktor & Rolf connect to the Melissa universe?

Melissa’s outspoken and unconventional design approach fits with our brand codes. Their universe is a space where art, fashion and design come together – that’s how we perceive our brand universe as well.


What did you intend to communicate to Melissa’s community with the new styles? How do you think the Melissa and Viktor & Rolf audiences will respond?

With this collaboration, we wanted to infuse romantic details into Melissa's iconic styles. With Melissa’s most iconic sandal, the ‘Melissa Possession’, we highlighted this through the ultrafeminine Broderie Anglaise lace detailing.


Viktor & Rolf embrace vanguard fashion references with a strong tendency for surrealism. How are these themes transmitted through Melissa / Viktor & Rolf?

The Possesion Lace sandal featuring Broderie Anglaise lace detailing and the lace bag with a wicker bucket silhouette are designed in a way that they refer to traditional materials but are executed in Melissa’s ‘Melflex’ vegan friendly material, making the overall look and feel surrealistic.


What were the inspirations for developing the collab’s patterns and colors?

The patterns and colours are inspired by our latest Haute Couture SS20 collection for which lace and pastel tones complement our look of the season.

Much like Melissa, the duo toys with people's connection nostalgia and dreamscapes. How are these sentiments expressed in the products?

The ‘Melissa Possession’ sandal is a true nostalgic sentiment by itself, we transformed it by adding our signature surreal twist with a touch of romance.

How Viktor & Rolf connect with Melissa’s sustainability practices and its importance in fashion?

We are deep into our exploration of conscious design and we adamantly apply this practice to our collections and cobranding projects. We are keen to learn from our partners, and Melissa is a pioneer in creating products with positive practices.

More exciting news to come, stay tuned!

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