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Two stories come together.
Creating brand-new ways to say hello.
The Melissa / Hello Kitty collab brings one of the most well-known Japanese characters direct from brand Sanrio to “Family”, our S/S ’19. 

Hello Kitty is the manga design of a British girl who helped make the kawaii esthetic a global phenomenon – kawaii being a style that takes cuteness to a new level using touches of Japanese attitude and culture. With its simple yet memorable details, Hello Kitty took the world by storm. It's almost like a characterization of someone who never existed, but was with us all along.

A symbol that screams pop.
Around for over 40 years, it has circled the globe and connected people from all over. Otakus, fans, and cosplayers that started appearing in Japan and haven't stopped showing up ever since.

Now the beloved character comes to Melissa, in a collection that's much more than just "cute". It translates a culture that has interwoven concepts, generations, and even styles.
Say hello to our newest friends.
For days spent prowling around the house, Slipper / Hello Kitty is a slide that's made for relaxing and putting your feet up. It comes with either Hello Kitty herself or a tie full of the character's essence.

Be / Hello Kitty is our classic sneaker platform rebooted in Japanese style. The silhouette of you-know-who is on the laces and on the heel you can find a detail with our collab's signature. 

The shape comes in four color combos and is also available in Mel and Mini versions. Find out all about kids' models here.

A collab for unveiling, rediscovering, and celebrating a bit of Japanese culture.

Click here to meet the entire collection.

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