What’s inside of your bag?

We are all eyes on a specific project that we think you are gonna love it.

This project is called “Persona”, by photographer Jason Travis. In a series of photographs, we are presented to people and their bag’s insides. Notepads, phones, tablets, sketchbooks, make-up bags and all they need to survive outside their house and into their lives.

The project’s point is to show us a little about people’s personalities through what they carry, literally. Isn’t it kind of poetic that we can carry so much of ourselves in little and big pockets? Our identities, our hobbies, our passions and even a bit of trash sometimes!


Take a look and get inspired!


Check out the entire project here: Persona on Flickr.

What is inside of your bag today?


A musical fashion statement

Did you ever noticed how whenever you wake up in those lady-like days, you get the urge to listen to a more soft kind of music? You go to your wardrobe, choose that lovely floral dress that goes beautifully with Melissa Doris, do your hair gently… Then hit play to a light, sunny, happy soundtrack?

We are not calling that a coincidence.


Music has a lot to do with the way people feel and, even further, with the way people dress and show themselves to the world. That is why, partly, we can find in singers and their songs, a line that connects sound and visual style… A musical fashion statement. Cool, huh?


Check it out a few examples:

Ok Sweetheart:

Ok Sweetheart’s lead singer, Em Austin, has a doll style. Cute dresses, long hair, bangs and that retro ~air~ we love so much. Her music tells us the very same story, starting with her lovely-sweet voice. Close your eyes and tell us you don’t picture them both together. We dare you!



Crazy is a word for it. But besides that, M.I.A is also stunning: she takes references from all over the world and she makes it work. Baggy clothes, tight clothes, boy’s clothes, girly’s… The same goes for her music… Hip Hop, rap, pop beats… We see her rolling and we are loving it (bad girls do it well!).


Hayley Williams

This is an interesting one! Paramore had many stereotypes… A punky, romantic and a pop one… so did Hayley and her hair. She’s growing up and discovering her style, her personality, her ways and, as we can see, her sound.


Braiding season

Braids are probably one of the oldest intertwined structures of history, and long before people thought braiding hair, they were patterning cloth, wires and ropes. Many years ago, women braided their hair to show their social status: married, mourning, promised or of age for courtship. Some styles were particular – it is said that the Indians, male and female, used to braid their hairs. One could also tell if the other was poor or rich because of how their hair was, or wasn’t, braided. To this day, braids are used in matrimony ceremonies to symbolize union; the bonding of the bride and groom’s hands and the braids is said to be unbreakable.

Nowadays, braids are used as a hairstyle; much like a bun or a ponytail. And much like those stylizations for hair, braids can also become very different and very modern. This summer, different types of braids are being used everywhere – and it’s so gorgeous! So we separated ten that we really loved, and would love to copy and to share with all of you.

Time for the pajama party and hair braiding!

Crown braid pigtails: sporty and chic.


Even neon hair looks romantic in braids!


Add fresh flowers for bohemian flair.


Channel your inner Katniss with a chunky fishtail. So badass!


Weave in a bright ribbon for a playful touch.


A fishtail pony is simple yet impressive!


Merge two braids into one. Spray to smooth flyaway.


A simple white bow adds oomph to a streamlined look.


A Mohawk braid adds a punky edge.


A spiraled topknot creates an elegant feel for formal events.