Melissa Recipe

What’s more trend than food? We are now living in a time where food are glamourized and the number of gastronomy lovers is increasing more and more. Sophisticated and unexpected restaurants – like Pop Up Restaurants or Truck Foods – start to pop in search for new flavors.

Exotic foods and acclaimed chefs start to attract more people interested about “gastronomisms”, and the dishes are as commom as selfies on the social networks. Of course, it didn’t take long for food to be trend in the fashion world too.

Fashion + Food make a hot combination and it was the inspiration for Melissa’s new Summer collection. This Summer, you’ll be delicious with Eat My Melissa on your feet. This will be a colorful and tasty season. Bon appétit!

Gareth Pugh and Melissa at London Fashion Week

Who doesn’t love Fashion Week, right? February has finally come and it’s the official month of Fashion Weeks. Melissa couldn’t be out of it.

This year, our beloved english fashion designer Gareth Pugh – who has shown during Paris Fashion Week for the past seven years – marks his return to the London schedule with a major fashion show at the Victoria & Albert Museum, on February 21st. Guess what is the official brand of shoes he will use to style his fabulous looks?

That’s right! Melissa and Gareth Pugh are partnering up for his fashion show at London Fashion Week and Melissa Soldier was the chosen Melissa shoe to be showcased in every look.

This year Gareth Pugh is celebrating his 10th year of career, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate it with him. This amazing fashion show is the start of the celebration.

Keep an eye on our channels to know everything about it!

Love is Enough

Even though it may seem an unlikely pairing, William Morris and Andy Warhol do have a lot in common, according to Jeremy Dellers (the curator of the exhibition Love is Enough). At the Modern Art Oxford, you can find a new reading into their work.

Both Morris and Warhol were hugely influential in their own lifetime. Both of them began their creative ventures in commercial sectors and used it to redefine the role of the artist.

These two artists made iconic works in the 19th and 20th century. If you’re an art lover, you just can’t miss it. And also, Warhol’s hand-woven tapestry of Marilyn Monroe in publicly displayed for the first time!