Your Miniature Melissa

More than a shoe, Melissa turned out to be an art piece. Partnered with famous and known designers and fashion icons, our shoes grew into more than just something to wear that is inside your wardrobe; it became a fashion accessory.  And what if we turned Melissa into art? Melissa Miniatures is exactly that: your favorite shoe, on the palm of your hand.

To start your collection, we shrunk your favorite Melissas in partnership with many famous designers: the Campana Brothers, Zaha Hadid, Gaetano Pesce and Karim Rashid. Designer shoes turned into art turned into collectible pieces that you can have forever.


Which one of them is your favorite designer? ♥

You can find your favorite Melissa Miniature at Galeria Melissa New York – 102 Greene St, Soho, NY.

Fashion illustration

Have you ever considered the many steps that a simple piece of clothing has been through before settling into your body? Every piece is a part of something bigger, a collection, a brand and, even more, a creation process.


This creation process can be put to life in different ways, by different fashion designers, but they all start, at some point, with a paper and a pen. And that’s what we want to talk about today: fashion illustration.


One of the most interesting aspects of illustration is the possibility of working with colors, shapes, volume, and density – basically, everything you expect from your creation without limitations. It’s the place where the mind goes wild and reality cannot say “hey, this is not possible”.


We gathered some inspiring examples for you to dig in:


Sandra Suy


Marcel George


Margot Macé


Marina Esmeraldo

Boards for travellers

If you don’t love Pinterest yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. We don’t say that just for the people who love getting inspired with fashion looks, trends, quotes and ideas, but to all the image-freaks out there! Pinterest is a pocket full of sunshine if you are one of those people who just need visual inspiration to organize ideas and, in general, work through a mind-map.

This time, we are paying some attention to the travellers. There are many boards dedicated to the most beautiful places in the world; places that you should definitely visit. And not just that, also the most exotic, different, creepy, charming, and, of course, inspiring images.

Are you a free-spirit traveller? Then take a look at these boards and start planning:

Discover Places Nature


Inspired Travel




Favorite Spots in Paris