Galeria Melissa, London

After starting on Rua Oscar Freire in São Paulo, Brazil – the place where Melissa was created – we travelled all the way to New York, USA, to present you with a second space dedicated to Melissa and everything fashion.

And today, Galeria Melissa São Paulo and Galeria Melissa New York get a new partner: Galeria Melissa London.

We’re finally landing on the Queen’s Land – and we love it! London is a dream for any fashion lover, and we’re definitely some of them. Today marks the opening of Galeria Melissa, and we’re super excited to share everything with you on Twitter and Instagram – so come along, time for the show!

Fashion in London

Most people think that high fashion was originated in Paris – and they’re not completely wrong. The bigger part of it started in France, yes, but fashion was also a big thing in London. Events like the launching of the mini skirt in the ‘60s and the punk movement in the ‘70s all happened in London; and if we go back even further, we’ll discover that Mary I of England was one of the first royals to ever wear a high-heeled shoe.

London’s so influent in the fashion world that London Fashion Week is one of the most popular and important Fashion Week of all. Twice a year, the fashionistas from all over the world get super excited for this event, to see what are the new trendings in fashion. Eccentricity, creativity and possibilities are the words to define the expression of London’s Fashion.

Some of the most important fashion designers in the world are british: Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, Stella McCartney, John Richmon, Julien MacDonald and our specially favorites Gareth Pugh and Vivienne Westwood, who’s responsible for a whole fashion genre – punk. And London also has a lot of It Girls influencing the whole world, like Poppy Delevingne, Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Tallulah Arlech and Pixie Geldof.


Is there a possible way not to love London and its fashion? We love it so much that we, too, decided to be a part of it with our new Galeria Melissa London, that soon you’ll be able to visit!

Muti Randolph and Galeria Melissa

Muti Randolph is one of the pioneers in computer art, animation and 3D illustration in Brazil and has created visual identities, graphic, illustrations, sets and interior architecture projects for clients. Muti considers himself a mix of artist, architect and designer.


This amazing artist has been working with Melissa for a while now. Besides doing our spaces at São Paulo Fashion Week, he was involved with Galeria Melissa São Paulo.

And we liked his work so much that we asked him to work with us again at Galeria Melissa London, and it’s going to be full of lights, movement and color. To see more about his work, visit his official website: