Finger foods

Finger foods are those tiny lovely treats that are made for eating easily at parties, without using cutlery. They’re one single bite of delicious and beautiful food, and let’s not forget: a very cute presentation. Come learn with us:


Mini Peppermint and Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes


Check the recipe here.


 Goat Cheeses Poppers with Honey

Check the recipe here.


Skewered Persimmon and Herb Bites

Get the recipe here.


Fashion work outfits

Sometimes we’re caught between two different wardrobes: one for work and one for our real life. But your job is also a part of your life, so it’s important to find a mix of personal style and professional needs, because let’s face it: we spend most of our week using the so called “work outfit”

So here are some tips on how to dress trendy to go to work.

1. Choose confortable clothes

When you’re shopping, remember to choose confy clothes – after all, you’re stuck in them for long hours and they can either be loyal and cosy friends or weapons of torture (we advise you to go with the first option). Pick light and/or knitted fabrics, mesh and cotton.

2. Basics

Going for a basic style is always a good idea for girls who don’t have much time to spend on wardrobe picking. But the key to turn a “too basic” look into a “basic but classy” is to go elegant and minimal. And a blazer is always a hit.

3. Know your personal style

When you know yourself, you know exactly what looks good on you and what doesn’t. And your personal taste counts a lot. Take some time trying it out and discovering what suits you and goes better with your professional life. Before embracing a trend, or even a dress code, think about the choices you have and what kind of look you can bring to life.

Whatever you choose to wear, don’t forget your favorite #EatMyMelissa to go with it.


Clumpy mascara is back

Twiggy was such an inspiration for a whole generation. With great style and an awesome make up, she marked her way in several fashion magazines and advertisements.

Her eyes looked like a doll’s, it was super cute!


A girl’s enemy for many years, the clumpy mascara is now a hot beauty trend. Now, you can see models and it girls using it. You should try it!

What Melissa Shoes do you think fits more with the Clumpy Mascara trend?