Muti Randolph and Galeria Melissa

Muti Randolph is one of the pioneers in computer art, animation and 3D illustration in Brazil and has created visual identities, graphic, illustrations, sets and interior architecture projects for clients. Muti considers himself a mix of artist, architect and designer.


This amazing artist has been working with Melissa for a while now. Besides doing our spaces at São Paulo Fashion Week, he was involved with Galeria Melissa São Paulo.

And we liked his work so much that we asked him to work with us again at Galeria Melissa London, and it’s going to be full of lights, movement and color. To see more about his work, visit his official website:

Keep Calm and Go To London

When it comes to London, the first things we think about are: keep calm, save the queen, charming accent, great music, London Eye, Big Ben and pubs. But London goes far further than this. This charming capital of not only England but all United Kingdom is a leading global city with strenghts in art, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, tourism and many others.


Measured by internacional arrivals, London is the world’s most visited city. And we are not that surprise. Most of those who never visited it, dreams about seeing the Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, the British Museum, the Covent Garden, and the list goes on. London also has lots of charming and big parks.


London is a world cultural capital. In West End, you can find theatres, cinemas and great restaurants. You can find there some of the greatest museums in Europe, and better yet: you’re able to visit most of them for free. Many of the greatest bands in the world were born in this amazing city. Not to mention London’s fashion icons, many of them really close to Melissa, like the fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh or the models Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Anna Trevelyan. London girls are always reinventing themselves when it comes to fashion, and they influence directly the rest of the world.


London is such an amazing city that we decided we would go british. So, next time you come to british lands, come visit our new Galeria Melissa London in Covent Garden



Five-Minute Hairstyles

Woke up super late and had to do everything in a hurry? Don’t worry, at least your hair can still look super fabulous without having to spend more than five minutes doing it – you can even try it on the way from the car to your work. We’ve listed some of our favorites DIY hairstyles – step by step – that will make you look incredible.


1.The Low Knot


2.The Over-The-Shoulder Pony


3. The illusional crazy long mane ponytail


4. The Mermaid Tail Braid


5. The Knot-So-Braided Bun


6. The Easiest, Prettiest Pompadour


After you try them, tell us which one you like best