New releases: Aranhas

Winter: Aranhas

Today we talk about a family of Melissas that we love: the Aranhas. The styles Aranha Li, Aranha Hits and Mini Melissa Aranha + Minnie are already avaliable for purchase!

The new version of Melissa Aranha Li plays with the color blocking trend. The combos pink with gray, blue with green, maroon with orange, white with sky blue and black with pink are perfect to wear with denim shorts and a cardigan with a retro feel.

For every girl’s delight, Melissa Aranha Hits is back in winter ’13 with a new color chart including the traditional bicolor styles and injected glitter! Gold, pink, black and orange, burgundy with beige and blue with cream are the new colors that you’ll love!

Now, imagine the classic Aranha in a mini version signed by Minnie Mouse … absolute success, right? The sandal has earned a polka dot tie and insole with the stylish mouse print. Little girls gonna love it! Besides, there will be Melissa + Minnie styles for the grown ups too!

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